Make a Wish

Published 06 October, 2018

A lovely rainbow today. As the end of the season draws near we love sharing our views with the visitors but we are wishing for a little down time to make us fit for next season! Best wishes to all our past guests and our future one too.

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A Summer Panorama

Published 05 September, 2018

180 degrees view this summer at High Beech

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Happy Christmas

Published 16 December, 2017

Happy Christmas to our past and future customers.

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A late summer's evening at High Beech

Published 28 August, 2017

Wow! we are so lucky here. A view from High Beech shot by Jonathan

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The Sea Walk superyacht pays a visit!

Published 21 August, 2017

A nice view out of the window this week with the Sea Walk super yacht paying a visit!! I knew I should have bought a lottery ticket!

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